Freefly has unveiled their new Movi, a handheld gimbal stabilizer designed specifically for the iPhone. The stabilizer—which is lightweight at just 600 grams, and powered by a li-ion battery—offers half a dozen shooting modes: Orbit, Echo, Majestic, Timelapse, Smartpod, and "Movilapse." The combination of these features and more make Movi "the world's most portable, adaptable, and intuitive cinema robot," according to Freefly.

Movi features the same stabilization tech used in Freefly's professional stabilization rigs—the same rigs used in the production of major Hollywood movies like Southpaw. And if its current functionality isn't enough, Freefly plans to continue supporting the Movi with future updates that will add more capabilities.

Movi is L-shaped, with thumb controls on the top of the handle and a bracket on the other end in which the phone is placed. These are joined by USB-C and a fast-charging battery, reinforced plastic components, tilt and pan motors, mode trigger, and a physical start/stop button—all of it controlled from a companion iOS app that is used to set up shots.

Here's an intro to the Movi, as well as 'Vortex,' a dizzying cinematic video shot in New York City over the course of 48 hours using the new gadget and an iPhone 8:

The iPhone stabilizer is available to preorder now for $300, but shipping won't start until early Q2 of 2018. To learn more or put in an order for yourself, head over to the Movi website by clicking here.