CareerCast has published its 2018 Jobs Rated Report, which provides a 'general snapshot' of 220 careers based on certain 'key criteria,' including stress levels, work environment, growth outlook, and income. The report lists the best and worst careers of 2018 based on these factors; included in the 'worst' category is photography.

The career of 'photographer' is listed as #25 among CareerCast's ranking of 2018's worst careers, falling behind other roles like 'enlisted military personnel,' 'newspaper reporter,' and 'disc jockey.' Factors that negatively influence career ranking include high stress levels, danger, low pay, and poor outlook.

As far as photography goes, CareerCast noted an annual median wage of $34,000 for photographers working in the US last year, which is slightly lower than the nation's median wage across all jobs of $37,690. As well, the company projects photography as a career will experience negative growth of -5.6% from 2016 to 2026.

An increase in smartphones, which make the field more accessible to non-professionals, as well as an uptick in the corporate use of freelancers are cited as issues impacting the career's projected negative growth over the next decade. As freelancers are increasingly used, the photography industry has seen an elimination of salaried photographer positions.

In contrast, 'mathematician,' 'genetic counsellor' and 'university professor' are listed among the report's best careers.