DJI recently announced two updates for its Mini 3 Pro drone, released on May 10th. Firmware update v01.00.0201 for the aircraft, v04.14.0221 and v01.01.0000 for the RC-N1 and DJI RC remotes, respectively, and v1.68 for the DJI Fly app that powers the drone will notably allow users to capture Portrait mode QuickShots and hyperlapse clips. Pre-orders have started shipping to customers located in North America as well.

The Mini 3 Pro is the first DJI drone to offer vertical orientation since the original Mavic Pro, released back in September 2016. When the drone was first unveiled, portrait mode could be activated when capturing photos or video clips. Now it works when you use QuickShots, modes that allow you to select a subject and capture automated Dronie, Rocket or Boomerang effects, amongst others.

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Hyperlapse clips can now automatically be captured in Portait orientation as well. DJI has also added in a 2-second shutter interval, meaning that an up to 30-second hyperlapse clip can be captured in 25 minutes. With an Intelligent Flight Plus battery, which gives you up to 47 minutes flight time, and a regular battery, that can keep the Mini 3 Pro in the air up to 34 minutes, recording a 30-second clip is possible.

Here are some other improvement DJI claims to have made with its latest firmware updates:

  • Fixed issue with flickering on video filmed in D-Cinelike mode.
  • Resolved false prompt issue when activating intelligent flight modes in Portrait orientation.
  • Increased camera speed when taking photos.
  • Increased the dynamic range for Hyperlapse.
  • Increased stability of videos when using Hyperlapse.
  • Optimized image quality of recordings at night in D-Cinelike.
  • Optimized the anti-interference ability and the transmission distance of the image transmission system.
  • Optimized the correctness of the battery level indicators on the DJI RC-N1 remote controller.
  • Optimized battery load management when flying in environments with strong winds.

As mentioned above, pre-orders have started shipping to customers in North America. All pre-order customers around the globe are expected to receive theirs in the next week. New orders are being accepted with DJI and retailers such as Best Buy have the Mini 3 Pro available in-store.