If you think your smartphone photos and other digital images look a little bland straight out of camera, you now have one more app at your disposal to give them more of a film-like appearance. London-based app maker RNI has launched its new Colibri app. Colibri is essentially an image filter app for the iPhone, albeit a slightly special one. The filter algorithms behind the app use machine learning and its makers say Colibri has been fed some of the 'finest slide film scans' to create its range of filter options. 

Colobri's 'more color, less editing' tagline indicates that the app is not meant to be an all-purpose editor but instead puts a focus on enhancing the image’s color and tonal properties to simulate a slide-film look. That said, there are cropping and rotation tools available and you can adjust the intensity of your filters, brightness and contrast using a range of sliders.

Of course it's all a matter of taste, but some the image samples on the RNI website look quite promising. So, if you like this type of effect, Colibri might be well worth its download price of $1. If you like this type of film simulation apps but would prefer a little bit more control over the conversion process, you could also have a look at the Filmborn app we reported on recently.