Capture One has announced the release of Capture One 21. The newest version of its photo editor includes numerous new features and improvements designed to not only improve the photo editing process but also to make it faster and smarter.

The improvements to Capture One 21 are evident as soon as you begin importing new images into the software. The improved importer offers better selection tools, high-resolution thumbnails, faster importing, and the ability to import images from different folders at once. Within the importer, it is quicker to select which images you want, and which you want to cull.

Users can expect improved performance not only when importing images, but also when working with existing Catalogs and Sessions. Search and browsing performance have been improved.

With Enhanced Tooltips and expanded learning tools, Capture One 21 has been designed to be more approachable for new users. When navigating the Capture One interface, users can hover over a tool for an explanation of how it works and access links to additional learning resources. Experienced users can disable this feature in Preferences.

In addition to the tooltips, a new 'Learn' button adds access to a curated selection of tutorials to help users acquire new skills in Capture One and better understand the software's tools.

In terms of new tools, Capture One 21 includes a Dehaze slider. You could previously perform a pseudo-dehaze by combing different existing tools in Capture One, but the new version includes a dedicated Dehaze tool. Capture One 21 analyzes your image to automatically adjust contrast, saturation, and additional parameters, allowing the user to remove (or add) haze without negatively impacting the color and tone of the image. The tool relies upon an automatically generated shadow tone, but the user can override it to select a manual shadow tone. Dehaze can also be combined with adjustment layers and be selectively applied as well.

The new Dehaze tool in Capture One 21 promises smart, effective results. Image credit: Curtis Jones

On the topic of color consistency, Capture One 21 introduces new ProStandard profiles. Designed with color critical applications in mind, the ProStandard profile has been hand-tuned to preserve hue and saturation when adjusting images, especially when changing the contrast of an image. Where other raw converters tend to shift hue and saturation during certain editing processes, the ProStandard profile protects hues. Capture One calls it a 'true game changer for portrait and product photography.'

As of now, ProStandard profiles are available for select camera models, including popular cameras from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Phase One, and Leica. To view currently supported cameras, click here. Additional camera support is in the works, and whenever a new camera model is profiled to Capture One, it will include the ProStandard profile.

The new ProStandard profile protects hue and saturation when making adjustments. Image credit: Arthur Keef

The inclusion of Leica cameras in the current ProStandard profile list is noteworthy. Capture One 21 supports a growing list of Leica cameras and for the first time includes tethering capabilities for Leica cameras. The latest version of Capture One also introduces HEIC (8-bit) support.

In pursuit of making image editing faster, Capture One 21 implements a new Speed Edit feature. Speed Edit lets you work on photos without touching a slider in the user interface. By holding down selected Speed Edit hotkeys, you can scroll, drag or use arrow keys on your selected input to make fast edits, even when viewing images in full screen mode and with no user interface elements displayed. You can also batch edit using this feature. Since you must hold down a selected key, it doesn't interfere with existing hotkey assignments.

Capture One 21 also includes improved brush editing. Users can now change the size, hardness, opacity and flow of a selected brush by using modifier keys and a mouse, trackpad or tablet pen. This removes the preexisting need to right-click.

Capture One 21 Pro is available now. You can purchase a perpetual license or pay a monthly subscription fee. For new customers, a perpetual license costs $299 USD. Upgrade prices start at $159. Subscriptions are $20/month.

Capture One 21 is also available in dedicated versions for Nikon, Sony and Fujifilm owners. These versions are $129 for perpetual licenses and $109 to upgrade. Subscriptions are $9.99/month.

For full purchasing information, visit Capture One. You can also download a 30-day free trial of Capture One 21.