Image editing app Pixelmator for iPad has received its first update and version 1.1 brings a number of new features and functions with it. The new 'watercolor brushes' option does exactly what it says on the tin and simulates the painting with wet paint on paper. This includes color blending with a soft gradient when paint strokes of different colors overlap. 

The color picker tool has been improved as well. You now get quick access to recently used colors and a new color grid which allows you to open a grid of shades for each color by clicking on it. The app now supports 16-bit, CMYK and grayscale Photoshop images as well as Photoshop images with masks which makes it an interesting option for working with .psd files. 

Apart from the usual bug fixes and performance enhancements other new features include the ability to insert a photo as a new layer from iCloud Drive, lock image transparency with Lock Alpha, open Raw image preview, use a refreshed Eyedropper tool, see a live brush preview and improved stylus support. The app makers also claim the new version's painting engine is twice as fast as before. Pixelmator requires iOS 8.1 and is for iPad only. You can download the app for $9.99 from the App Store. Check the Pixelmator blog for videos about the new color picker and watercolor feature.

Source: Pixelmator