Leica has released new firmware for its S and S-E medium format cameras that improves the quality of information displayed on the top plate and in the viewfinder. Firmware versions for the S (Typ 007) and 2.5.0 for the S-E (Typ 006) also allows users to mark images with a rating that can be displayed in Adobe’s Lightroom and Bridge applications. With the firmware loaded the cameras will also remember the degree of magnification last used in review mode and automatically default to that next time the magnify button is pressed.

The information panels now provide more icons to indicate what modes the camera is using, and critically offer a measure of how much time capacity is left on the memory card when shooting video and how many more shots are left in the buffer for high-drive shooting in stills mode.

The new firmware is available for download now for customers who like to update for themselves, while others can take their camera to their nearest Leica store or service center.

The firmware can be downloaded from the support section of the Leica website.

Press release

Firmware updates for Leica S cameras now available

New firmware updates are available today for the Leica S-System. Registered owners can log in to the Leica Owners’ Area and download the new firmware version for the Leica S (Typ 007) and 2.5.0 for the Leica S/S-E (Typ 006) medium format cameras, or take their camera to a Leica Store or Leica Customer Care in the UK for a complimentary update service.

Leica works in close collaboration with users on the continuous development and optimisation of its products. As a result, a number of improvements in this latest firmware update are based on the direct recommendations and suggestions of professional photographers.

The new features of Firmware Update include a revised layout for the top plate display panel, which now provides even more information for the user. The new ‘Rating Function’ is supported by Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC and Bridge CC software, and improves the workflow of selecting images – giving users much faster access to the images they have tagged.

With this firmware update, the most recently used zoom setting in review mode is now saved, enabling faster assessment of image sharpness/focus when reviewing a specific part of a picture. Distances displayed on the top panel can also be shown in feet, and it is now possible to see the remaining recording time when shooting video. Also new in this update is the ‘PC’ symbol, which indicates when the camera is connected to a computer. In addition to the above, the first resistance point of the shutter release now displays the number of exposures remaining for sequential shooting (maximum buffer memory) in the viewfinder, and the new ‘mirror-up’ icon appears on the camera monitor screen.