Skylum has announced the impending launch of Luminar 4, an update set to be released this fall, and the company is already giving us a sneak preview of one of the new features: AI Sky Replacement, a machine-learning-powered automatic sky replacement filter.

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The new function is a step up form the AI Sky Enhancer filter which was introduced last year and should be particularly useful for those occasions when your timing wasn't perfect and an interesting subject was captured in front of a dull or otherwise uninspiring sky.

AI Sky Replacement automatically detects objects and the sky in a scene in order to achieve the best possible end result. Artifacts, such as halos or transition edges are removed automatically and parameters such as depth of field, tone, exposure and color can be adjusted to make the feature work with a variety of scenes.

In the background the function creates a mask for the sky and detects the horizon line as well as the orientation of the sky to replace. It then uses Luminar's scene relight technology to adjust the rest of the scene to the new sky in terms of light and color, so all scene elements match. You can examine a variety of sample shots in the gallery above.

You can sign up on Skylum's website to receive more information when Skylum shares it. Upgrade pricing for existing users is set to cost $49, but the full price is yet to be announced.

Update (07/23/2019): Updated the article to add pricing information.