This past June, Hasselblad dropped the price of the 50MP medium format H6D-50c by a whopping 30% from an original price of $25,995 to just $17,995. But if that's not enough, Hasselblad told us this morning that they're dropping the price even further, from the current $17,995 all the way to $14,995 (€11,900 // £10,800 )—that's $11,000 off the original retail price.

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This new price isn't being reflected through online retailers yet—Hasselblad still has the model listed at June's $17,995 on Amazon, for example—but the official announcement went live this morning so we'll expect to see that change take effect soon.

As with the last price drop, there's no indication of whether or not this 'special promotion' is temporary, but if you've been looking to make the jump into medium format, now is as affordable a time as ever.