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The oldest known Nikon camera in existence has gone up for auction at WestLicht. This particular Nikon I, serial number 60924, was made in April 1948 and is notable as being the third camera produced by Nikon. WestLicht describes the camera’s condition as ‘B+,’ and says it includes the original Nikkor-H 2/5cm no.70811 with a matching Nikon cap in 'fantastic original condition.'

The Nikon I still has its original shutter, according to WestLicht, as well as engravings that indicate the serial number, ‘Nippon Kogaku Tokyo’ and ‘Made in Occupied Japan.’ In addition to the camera itself, the auction includes the original double-strap carrying case; WestLicht describes the case as 'extremely rare.' 

The auction's starting price is €90,000, with WestLicht estimating the camera will sell for between €160,000 to €180,000 (about $174,000 to $195,750).