Hong Kong flash system manufacturer Cactus has released new firmware for its V6 II Transceiver that will allow it to wirelessly communicate TTL information between a Canon or Cactus flash and a Canon camera. The X-TTL update makes it possible to trigger Canon flashes and retain full TTL control with that flash either on or off camera.

Canon flashes can be used on their own or in groups of Cactus models, while HSS and remote power controls are also possible. The same V6 II transceiver can be used with Nikon, Pentax, Panasonic, Olympus, Sony, Sigma and Fujifilm systems, but for non-Canon flash systems only manual power and zoom controls are possible when triggered by a Canon camera.

The firmware is free to download and can be accessed on the Cactus website. A special X-TTL microsite has more details.

Press release

Cactus X-TTL for Canon is available now

X-TTL on Cactus V6 II is NOW complete

The last remaining X-TTL firmware version for Canon is NOW available!

Besides retaining the revolutionary cross-brand abilities of remote power control and wireless HSS of Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax and Sigma flashes simultaneously, the new system-specific X-TTL firmware for Canon adds TTL on-camera and wireless TTL in off-camera setup for Canon flashes.

Wireless E-TTL
The Canon system is unique where only Canon system flashes, Cactus RF60 and RF60X flash can be triggered by a Canon camera for wireless TTL.
Features at a glance

1. Cross-brand wireless manual power and zoom control with HSS/FP support of Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax and Sigma flashes;

2. Wireless E-TTL of Canon and Cactus wireless flashes;

3. Two Exposure Locks offer consistency with the convenience of wireless TTL;

4. Works seamlessly with Cactus RF60X and RF60 to support remote HSS, TTL, as well as power and zoom control.

New Protocol and Upcoming Firmware Releases
Since the release of Pentax X-TTL firmware, a new wireless protocol has been adopted.3 To work seamlessly with a Cactus RF60 and RF60X, be sure to also update to the latest firmware.

This Canon version is the last leg of X-TTL firmware on the Cactus V6 II. Together with recent released X-TTL firmware for Fujifilm, Sigma and Sony, now are X-TTL firmware versions are running on the new wireless protocol. Next on the list for update is the original V6 (current firmware 2.1.001) and Multi-brand HSS firmware on the V6 II (current firmware 1.1.013) where they will be made to operate on the new protocol in the near future.

To download the latest firmware versions for each of the Cactus devices, get the latest Cactus Firmware Updater and you will be able to select the latest firmware versions.

Price and Availability
System-specific X-TTL firmware versions are FREE of charge. Download the Cactus Firmware Updater and select the corresponding system firmware to install the Canon X-TTL firmware on the Cactus V6 II.