Fujifilm has new firmware updates for its X-A5 and X-T100 mirrorless cameras. The updates include new and updated features in addition to a number of bug fixes.

First up is the Fujifilm X-A5. Firmware version 1.20 adds two new Advance Filters called 'Rich & Fine' and 'Monochrome [NIR].' The 'Rich & Fine' filter is made for food and still life photography, with an emphasis on saturated colors and a slight vignette. As the name suggests, the 'Monochrome [NIR]' filter simulates the look of a near-infrared camera through selective toning of the scene.

Also included in the update is a new Square Mode, which enables 1:1 format capture and improved autofocus accuracy in AF-C mode when the shutter is half-pressed. A bug that caused the highlight warning not to show in the Info display has also been squashed, alongside a few others.

Onto the X-T100, firmware version 1.10 adds the same two new Advance Filters, Square capture mode, improved autofocus accuracy in AF-C mode present in the X-A5 firmware update. Fujifilm has also made the default ISO setting when switching between P, S, A, M, Adv modes 'Auto.'

Fujifilm also fixed an issue with the autofocus frame shifting when zooming in on the focus position display. Other bug fixes, including the aforementioned highlight warning issue, have been included as well.

You can download firmware version 1.20 for the X-A5 and firmware version 1.10 for the X-T100 on Fujifilm's website. Installation instructions are found on the bottom of the respective update pages.