After more than a year of tinkering with designs, the team over at Solarcan has announced their newest ultra-long exposure camera in a can, the Solarcan Puck. As its name suggests, this version of the Solarcam is a shrunk-down version of the original 16oz version.

A gallery of images captured with Solarcans can be found on Solarcan’s Instagram profile.

Like the original Solarcan, the Solarcan Puck is a pinhole-style camera for capturing scene where it’s located, as well as the path of the sun over days, weeks, months or years. It uses a very small aperture poked into the front metal to expose sheets of photographic paper packed inside the puck. Each Solarcan Puck holds three exposures, each of which has a cover sheet in front to protect the exposures underneath.

The below video provides an overview of what the SolarCan is and how it's constructed with three individual exposures packed inside:

Each Solarcan Puck comes with the Puck, two small colored cable ties for mounting it to various locations, a sticky pad for the cable ties, three exposures and instructions in case you want a physical guide for setting up the Puck.

Solarcan is also running a special for Black Friday. If you purchase €30 (~$33) in other gear from Solarcan, they’ll ship you a Solarcan puck for free. It doesn’t appear to be able to purchase standalone for now though, so you’ll either have to take advantage of the Black Friday deal or hold off until it becomes available on the Solarcan online shop.

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