If you do a lot of your photography in wet or humid conditions, a new crowdfunding project on Kickstarter will definitely pique your interest: The Inrigo is a waterproof camera backpack that comes with an integrated Bluetooth humidity monitor that alerts users via smartphone alert if moisture is detected inside.

Here's an intro to this 'intelligent' backpack and everything it can do for you and your gear:

The pack features double-sided TPU material and a re-sealable-bag style zipper which allows for an IP78 rating, keeping your equipment dry in heavy rain or even with the pack floating on water. According to the makers of the Inrigo, the zipper design allows for very quick opening in less than a second through a hard yank, giving the Inrigo a distinct advantage over roll-top bags or other waterproof zipper systems that typically take considerably longer to open.

But even if humidity somehow makes it inside the bag, at least you'll get a warning on your smartphone, thanks to a Bluetooth humidity monitor. This should give you enough time to deal with the problem before any equipment is damaged. Plus, that same monitor will let you know if you walk too far away from your equipment (or your bag decides to do the walking...) so there's some added security benefits.

On Kickstarter, you can currently pledge for two different packages: the Inrigo Litepak is available for $160 and targeted at photographers who want to insert their favorite carrying case in the Inrigo. The Inrigo Propack includes camera bags that are specially designed to fit the Inrigo pack, and will set you back $180. There is also an early-bird offer that saves you a few bucks.

Press Release:

The Inrigo: Intelligently Waterproof

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Humidity alerts to your phone and a re-sealable-style ‘zipper’ combine to make the ultimate waterproof camera backpack.

Main points

  • Kickstarter-project Inrigo is a waterproof camera backpack with a Bluetooth humidity monitor
  • Users receive smartphone alerts if moisture is detected
  • The re-sealable-bag style zipper opens in less than a second with a hard yank
  • Inrigo launched on Kickstarter in December


Moisture kills lenses and camera gear. To battle moisture and humidity, photographers turn to dry boxes – often large, safe-like containers – but storing and removing camera gear for each trip is a hassle. That’s why we invented Inrigo, a mobile dry box with novel features not on the market yet.

Double-sided TPU and a watertight zipping system (think a resealable bag on steroids) push Inrigo up to IP78, almost the highest waterproof rating. Through the rain or even floating on water, Inrigo will protect your gear.

The better ‘zipper’

Let’s look at the Dryzone 200. It sports a waterproof zipper, which is, according to multiple reviews, very hard to open. In the time spent opening the bag you might miss a shot.

Inrigo avoids that with a seal similar to a re-sealable bag, closing in about a second and opening immediately when folded and given a hard yank.

Other brands have you roll the top of the bag to create an airtight seal – yes, it works, but it’s also time consuming.

Humidity monitor

But simply closing your camera bag isn’t the end of the battle against moisture. Even the top watertight camera bags on the market struggle with internal humidity. Inrigo avoids this problem by keeping you informed.

Inrigo’s Bluetooth monitor sends alerts to your phone before your gear is exposed to high levels of humidity. This warning allows you to air out the bag or adjust your moisture absorber.