Nikon has finally announced the long-awaited battery grip for its Z6 and Z7 mirrorless cameras. Because of the lack of electrical contacts in those camera bodies, the MB-N10 is simply a battery holder: no controls are offered for portrait-orientation shooting.

Nikon has clearly tried to maximize what the grip can offer, absent of extra controls, so it features lights that indicate the charge level of the batteries inside, and a USB-C socket that allows the unit to act as a charger, assuming you're using the latest EN-EL15b batteries.

The grip holds two EN-EL15 batteries but its vertical extension fills the camera's battery compartment, so it doubles the capacity, rather than trebling it. The extension has a small recess for storing the camera's battery compartment door, to prevent it being lost.

The batteries are loaded through doors on either side of the grip, but Nikon couldn't confirm to us whether it continues to provide power from one battery when you remove the other, to allow 'hot swapping' for extended periods of video shooting.

The MB-N10 will be available from November at a price of $199.

Press Release


The new MB-N10 battery power pack is an optional accessory for both the Nikon Z 7 and Z 6. The battery pack significantly enhances battery life and adds an additional hand hold, providing photographers and videographers even more freedom and comfort when using the Z 7 and Z 6. The battery pack is designed to hold two EN-EL15b batteries (sold separately), effectively increasing the number of shots possible and movie recording time by approximately 1.8X, based on CIPA standards. The MB-N10 offers the same weather sealing and modern design of the Z 7 and Z 6, plus it will support USB charging.

Price and Availability

The new MB-N10 battery power pack will be available in November 2019, for an SRP of $199.95*.

*SRP (Suggested Retail Price) listed only as a suggestion. Actual prices are set by dealers and are subject to change at any time.