Smartphone cameras can do many of the things that stand-alone compact cameras are capable of, but flash photography is not one of them. The tiny LED lights in smartphones do not offer nearly the output power of the Xenon flashes that are found in most conventional cameras. However, help is at hand in the form of Fotopro's new FS-X1 Xenon accessory flash for smartphones.

It offers a guide number of 5.6 (ISO 100) and covers approximately 53 degrees vertically and 66 degree horizontally. The flash communicates with the iPhone via a Bluetooth connection that has a range of up to 10m and a dedicated camera app. This means off-camera flash is an option as well.

A full battery allows for approximately 130 flash shots and Fotopro says the recycle time is between three and six seconds. Charging via a microUSB port takes approximately 1.5 hours. For easier focusing in very low light a focus LED is on board as well. Unfortunately, no pricing information is available yet.