<strong>#Urban2020 Top 50 Finalist: 'Trapped' by @laboussole.seon (France)</strong>
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#Urban2020 Top 50 Finalist: 'Trapped' by @laboussole.seon (France)

About this photo: French expat @laboussole.seon took this photo of the legendary Yick Fat building in October 2017: "Hong Kong is the most exciting and most contrasted urban environment I know. With this photo, I wanted to transmit the feeling to be trapped in a city, in the middle of tall buildings with a high density of apartments, and the sky seems so far away. I took the photo at sunset so that the colours of the sky are an invitation to peace and warmth, to contrast with the main subject.

It is challenging to take a photo in this place, as it is a famous spot, mostly for Instagramers. I went a couple of hours before sunset secure a good spot. Shortly after this shooting session, the management of the building has added a sign forbidding photo taking as it became too disturbing for the people actually living in the building. unfortunately for them, it doesn’t seem to have stopped tourists."