<strong>#Urban2020 Top 50 Finalist: ’Mind The Gap' by @_kennyc_ (UK)</strong>
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#Urban2020 Top 50 Finalist: ’Mind The Gap' by @_kennyc_ (UK)

About this photo: @_kennyc_ entered the competition with an iconic shot from the London Tube: "Heading out later at night in London was something I loved to do - it’s a stark difference to the hustle and bustle of the day, giving photographers with completely different scenes to work with. The underground in particular, is eerily peaceful compared to the mayhem of rush hour.

At the time I had recently been inspired by a number of street/urban photographers who had captured some stunning scenes from various subways around the world - so one evening I picked up my camera and ventured below ground. This particular shot is an idea I’d had in my head ever since I watched the fantastic short film ‘Mind The Gap’ directed by Luke Flanagan.

This iconic message/recording is played out throughout the Underground network and heard by millions of Londoners every day. It’s a message instantly recognisable to anyone that has lived in this incredible city, and something I wanted to capture in a picture. I knew the message wasn’t just played out through speakers, but painted in bright yellow paint on the floor of many tube stations. I thought getting a close-up shot of this while capturing the speed of a moving train would make for a pretty cool shot - I wasn’t wrong! While the Tube is iconic to many people around the world, ‘MIND THE GAP’ is iconic to Londoners."