As powerful as iPads have become over the past few years, one of the most limiting factors of the device is its operating system. Apple has incrementally updated iOS, but overall has left much to be desired from the creative world, most notably in the area of storage. That might just change, however, according to the latest reports from 9to5Mac.

At its World Wide Developer's Conference (WWDC19) in June, Apple is expected to announce iOS 13, which 9to5Mac says will finally include the ability for third-party applications, such as Adobe Lightroom CC and Affinity Photo, to import photos directly from external storage.

Until now, it was only possible to import photos into Lightroom CC and other post-production apps after the photos had been imported to the iOS Camera Roll. This not only effectively doubled the time it took to start processing photos, but also doubled the amount of space the images took up, at least until the photos were entirely imported to Lightroom CC and deleted from the Camera Roll.

According to the reports, which 9to5Mac has had a solid history of getting right on the iOS front, it will now be possible to plug in a memory card via the iPad Pro's USB-C port and skip the Photos app altogether. Combined with the ability to now add various docks and hubs to the iPad Pro via its USB-C port, it could make for a pretty capable mobile setup.

There's no definitive word on whether or not external HDDs and SSDs will be supported in terms of storing Lightroom CC libraries and other media elsewhere, but that too is one area that needs to be addressed for many photo professionals and hobbyists alike to make the jump to working off an iPad Pro exclusively.