Spiffy Gear, the company behind the Light Blaster strobe projector, is back with another accessory for photographers and videographers who want a lighting solution that can conform to every shooting situation. It's called Spekular, and Spiffy is calling it "the Swiss army knife of LED lighting."

Spekular consists of four ultra-bright, color-accurate LED strips that can be arranged in whatever configuration suits your shooting needs. Each of the four LED lights boasts a dimmable, flicker-free 14.5 watts of power (~150W halogen) with color accuracy guaranteed (94+ CRI and 96+ TLCI).

Here's a quick intro video so you can see the lights in action:

And here are a few sample shots, all captured with the Spekular arranged in one of its various configurations (Note: the star shape requires an additional four-light 'expansion kit' and star adapter):

Spiffy is branding the Spekular as 'the only light you need,' and while we're always a bit skeptical of grand claims, the modular design and attention to technical detail certainly make it a unique lighting option.

You can find out more about Spekular on the Spiffy Gear website, where you can order the standard 4-light kit for $650, the 4-light extension for $130, a battery adapter (in case the power goes) also for $130, and that Star Adapter for, you guessed it, $130.

Press Release

Spekular from Spiffy Gear is the Swiss army knife of LED lighting for photo and video.

SUMMARY: Spekular is a modular LED lighting system for videographers and photographers. It is a collection of light bars with high brightness and unparalelled color accuracy. The system drastically reduces the number of accessories needed to create professional lighting setups.

31 August 2017 – Today, Spiffy Gear launches the $650 Spekular, a flexible, modular LED lighting system for videographers and photographers. Spekular adapts into different lighting modifiers, such as light strips, soft boxes or shaped lights for creative effects.. This reduces the amount of gear needed to be carried to shoots. Spekular can be configured as a ring, a square, a strip, a star, a "standard" panel, and many more configurations.

Using the attachment options in the Spekular kit, discerning lighting artists can configure the light into different shapes to create different looks, adapt to different situations, and add flair to portraits by adding eye-catching catch lights.

Spekular is extremely bright. Each of the LEDs sections provides 14.5W of light (the equivalent of around 150W of halogen light). And there are four of them. This kit delivers as much power as four “standard” LED panels, so you have to carry less to light more.

Spekular is fully dimmable for further lighting flexibility, without any of the flickering typically associated with dimmable LED light sources. The LED bars do all of this while maintaining a perfect color rendition to save you time in post-production. (94+ CRI and 96+ TLCI).

The kit is extremely sturdy and hard-wearing. It can withstand the hard, unrelenting abuse of a typical professional photo or video shoot. Its aluminum sections and tough ABS connectors will keep going, day after grueling day.

"Spekular will enable photographers and videographers to tell their stories while paying less, carrying less and having more lighting options, says Udi Tirosh, CEO at Spiffy Gear.

The Spekular Ecosystem

At launch, Spekular is part of an extendable kit, with accessories to add even more flexibility.

The Spekular kit is the core kit to get you started with Spekular. It consists of four LED light sections, four hinged connectors and mounting gear, all packed in a handy carrying case. This kit provides more than 5,000 luminous flux of light.

The optional Spekular Star Adapter enables you to configure the Spekular kit into an eight-section star with a hole in the middle. The hole is big enough to shoot through, making some creative lighting options possible.

The optional Spekular Extension Kit unlocks even more ways to use Spekular. It enables using one kit as a three points lighting system, create complex lighting schemes, and create long seamless strips.

The Spekular Battery Adapter makes the Spekular kit usable anywhere in the world. Use any DTAP-enabled battery to power the kit - no need to be plugged into a wall socket. The battery adapter includes a mounting bag that connects to a light stands for easy access.

Pricing and Availability

Spekular is available starting today at http://www.spekular.com/ and at selected photography retailers.

  • Spekular kit: $650
  • Spekular Star Adapter: $130
  • Spekular Extension Kit: $130
  • Spekular Battery Adapter: $130