Gordon Laing, Editor at Cameralabs, has shared a new video on his YouTube channel that gives us our closest look yet at Canon’s forthcoming EOS R3 mirrorless camera.

The video, which comes in just shy of six minutes, provides a thorough overview of the camera, with close-up shots of the camera’s features, I/O, buttons and more. While this is the most comprehensive view yet, we don’t see the camera in action, as Laing wasn’t allowed to interact with the EOS R3 on camera.

It isn’t clear whether or not this is a functional pre-production model or simply a ‘dummy’ shell, but whatever the case is, the video is our best look yet at what will be Canon’s flagship mirrorless camera (pending any further announcements, of course).

Hopefully it won’t be long until more reviewers have working units in hand that can be used on camera, but we’ll take whatever peek we can get in the meantime.