The Android version of Adobe's popular mobile image editing app, Photoshop Express, has just received an update expanding the feature set with a few useful new functions.

Perspective Correction lets you correct converging lines and other types of perspective distortion. You can select a Full Auto setting or pick vertical or horizontal skew. The correction is then applied and fine-tuned using a slider.

Some type of vignette effect is available on most editing apps out there, so it's about time the feature has made its way to Photoshop Express too. You can adjust the diameter of the vignetting effect by pinch-zooming and set the intensity on a slider to create the final result.

Additionally, it's now also possible to share multiple images directly from the gallery, and change wallpaper and profile pictures directly from the app's share screen.

The new functions are welcome additions to the app's already quite extensive feature set, making Adobe Photoshop Express worth a closer look for anyone who edits images on a mobile device. The latest version of the app can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Play Store now.