Really Nice Images (RNI) has announced that its All Films 5 ICC profiles are now available for Capture One. All Films 5's ICC profiles are all created by digitizing real film stocks 'using the most advanced color science and best equipment.'

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In total, All Films 5 – Pro includes more than 180 film styles. It includes films from the following film categories: negative, slide, instant, vintage, black and white, and infrared films. For the full list of films, click here.

Clockwise from the top left corner: original digital image, Agfa Optima 200, Kodak Ektar 100 and Fuji Pro 160ns. Image credit: Really Nice Images

Compared to the previous version, All Films 4, All Films 5 includes new film looks, a fully profile-based design, and dedicated styles for Nikon, Sony, and Fujifilm cameras. The shift to a profile-based product is significant. All Films 4 is adjustment-based, which means that the looks are built by changing individual adjustment sliders.

Each film style profile comes in four versions of varying strength. Image credit: Really Nice Images

RNI says, 'Rediscover film aesthetics. Bring the magic touch of analog film into your digital workflow.' To this end, RNI promises that its film profiles offer 'transformations which are far beyond what's been possible with Capture One adjustments alone.' Each film style profile is available in four strengths (25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%), allowing the user to select the film's intensity in Capture One.

All Films 5 is built using RNI's real film profiles. Image credit: Really Nice Images

The new All Films 5 version for Capture One does differ slightly from the Lightroom version. One limitation when working within Capture One is that All Films 5 works by using ICC profiles, which cannot be applied to a layer in Capture One. Capture One, unlike Lightroom, won't prevent highlights from clipping, so Capture One users must manage highlights manually when an ICC profile results in blown highlights. For Fujifilm shooters, you must set the curve in Capture One to Film Standard before applying an ICC profile.

Negative Kodak Portra 400. Image credit: Really Nice Images

When using RNI All Films 5, you do not alter the original image files, so it's a non-destructive editing process. If you want to work with .JPG/.TIFF files, All Films 5 includes dedicated styles profiled for these file types. All Films 5 is compatible with Capture One 10, 11, 12, 20 or 21. It is also fully compatible with brand-specific versions of Capture One.

In addition to its new availability for Capture One, RNI All Films 5 – Pro is also available for Adobe Lightroom. Each version costs $192. Each product is different, and if you want both, you must purchase each. The Capture One and Lightroom product lines are completely different foundations with independent design processes. You can download a demo of RNI All Films 5 as well. The demo version includes numerous film styles to try.

Infrared Kodak Aerochrome 18. Image credit: Really Nice Images

For customers who don't need the full range of film profiles featured in All Films 5 – Pro, a Lite version is available for $96. There are more than 40 styles included in All Films 5 – Lite. You can see the full list by clicking here.

If you are already an RNI customer, refer to this page about an upgrade discount from All Films 4 or All Films 5 – Lite. You can email your previous purchase details (email address or order ID) to RNI from the page above for a personal upgrade offer.