MirrorCase for the iPad lets you shoot less conspicuously with your iPad's camera.

Although capturing a photo or video with a large tablet may never be the ideal camera of choice, we sure do see this scenario often enough that some sort of solution appears necessary.

The MirrorCase, currently available for the iPhone 4/4S and coming soon for the iPhone 5 and iPad, is designed to allow users to hold their device horizontally when capturing a still image or video clips by using a small, pivotable mirror to project the scene onto the camera lens. The MirrorCase app allows users to view the image or video in the proper orientation since the mirror projects the image upside down and in reverse.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign by RHP Multimedia Corp to develop the MirrorCase for the iPad, the company has announced its MirrorCase iPad app will be available for download at the end of the month. According to its Kickstarter page, the iPad MirrorCase should ship in August (or possibly as soon as next week). A new, streamlined MirrorCase for the iPhone 5 is also in the works but no ETA — other than "coming soon" — has been set.

An adjustable mirror in the rear of the case allows users to hold or rest the iPad flat while capturing video or still images.
Mirrorcase for iPad has a protective cover to protect the screen when the device is not in use or is being transported.

Although the iPad and iPhone 5 MirrorCases are similar in design and functionality, the iPad version offers a full cover with a magnetic closure and a multi-position kickstand. A thumbwheel adjusts the angle of the Gorilla Glass-coasted mirror. With the adjustable kickstand and mirror,  the iPad MirrorCase makes it convenient to record a lecture or presentation. The case is also designed with an acoustic re-direct so the user can more easily hear the audio and comes with a hideaway space for a stylus.

In addition to correctly orienting the image, the MirrorCase app also provides a privacy screen (just choose the image you want as your screen), the ability to take notes and attach annotations to the video, change the video resolution (up to full HD 1920 x 1080) as well as capture still images. The app (update not yet available) is free but, for $0.99, you can download the Plus version that provides in-app access to the Camera Roll and additional sharing functionality. The video can be shared with and viewed by anyone although the receiver needs to install the app in order to view your notes and/or annotations.

Don't want anyone to see what you're recording? Just choose an image from within the MirrorCase app to act as a privacy screen.
Video resolution, up to full HD, can be selected from within the MirrorCase app.

Available for pre-order, the MirrorCase for iPad will be available for $79.95 and the iPhone 5 MirrorCase, which now allows users to pivot the mirror to shoot in portrait or landscape, will sell for $59.95. The iPhone 4/4S MirrorCase is currently available for $49.95.