Aptolux wants to create video lights 'for videographers, by videographers.' The company's first product in pursuit of that goal is the Aptolux MP-1. The MP-1 is a modular lighting system that can change its size and shape based on a videographer's or photographer's needs.

Photographer and filmmaker Alvis Rozenbergs started Aptolux and has spent the last couple of years working on developing a modular lighting system that solved the problems he has faced with lights in his career. Rozenbergs found that lights were heavy, expensive, difficult to repair and didn't do a good enough job filling varied roles. Enter the MP-1.

The initial stage of the MP-1's development included asking more than 100 videographers from around the world what they wanted from professional-quality lights. After a prototype was built, another 500 videographers offered feedback and suggestions. 'I have been filming for over 10 years now. Shooting in different locations has always been a big part of the job and trips between them can be challenging. Carrying bags with all the necessary equipment or having to make the choice among all lighting options wasn't always easy, so I decided to build portable and versatile video lights myself,' said Rozenbergs.

The Aptolux MP-1 comprises up to six lighting panels that can be adjusted to form different shapes and sizes. When disassembled, the MP-1 is about the size of a lunchbox and can easily be fit into a backpack. When in use, the MP-1 promises high-quality bi-color, RGB and animated lighting effects.

The six panels are each 20W light sources, so combined in the full six-panel kit, the MP-1 delivers up to a 120W light source. The MP-1 is designed to replace common lighting panels included small and medium panels, light sticks, strip light (up to 140cm or 4.6'), ring lights and even large lighting panels. Each panel is 2000 lumens bright. The adjustable color temperature ranges from 3000 to 6000K, and color accuracy is rated at CRI 96, TLCI 97. Additional features include 0 to 100% dimming and 30 animated lighting effects.

The Aptolux MP-1 is available now for preorder until November 18. The starter kit is $300 and includes two panels. A four-panel kit is $600 and a six-panel kit is $850. The early bird prices are 40% off the eventual retail price. Different lighting accessories are in the works, including a diffuser, honeycomb grid, detachable lens array, wireless control adapter, softbox mount, mounting plate, c-stand mount, and bracket. For more information, visit Aptolux.