Google Photos is the default online image management platform for many mobile and desktop users, but until now, it's been lacking one pretty basic feature that is available in most comparable applications: the ability to favorite photos.

Today Google closed this glaring gap in the Photos feature set, announcing via Twitter that it is rolling out a feature that allows users to tap a star in the upper right corner of any photo in their library. This automatically adds the image to the new Favorites album, making it easier to manage your most cherished images.

Additionally, you'll soon be able to "heart" photos that have been shared with you. This is essentially the Google Photos equivalent to a Facebook-like, and adds a social network element to the service.

These features come in addition to improvements announced at Google's recent I/O developer conference, and should help develop Google Photos into a service that has something to offer for everyone—from casual shutterbugs to seasoned enthusiast photographers.