Sony's rumored attachable smartphone lens, as envisioned by
Sony is no stranger to attaching large lenses to small cameras. Here, from 1999, the 2.1 megapixel F505 lens-with-a-camera-attached via

Rumor and tech sites have been buzzing about Sony's upcoming smartphone, code-named Honami (possibly tagged Xperia i1). We reported on alleged photos of the device's camera software here but recent rumors have shifted to the possibility that the new phone will be capable of working with an interchangeable lens that's nothing like the mobile device add-on lenses we have now.

As reported by SonyAlpha Rumors and PetaPixel, the lens will have its own sensor,  some sort of storage and communicate with smart-devices wirelessly and via NFC. A photo of the rumored lens shows two clips that look like they're designed to attach onto a smartphone and allow the user to compose and possibly control photo capture parameters. Given the variation in smartphone sizes, one assumes that the lens will first be designed to fit the anticipated Honami. If these rumors are true, and the lens has its own sensor, it's likely that the lens/camera combo can function on its own. And, one would also assume that it's a Zeiss-branded lens. 

While technological advances — and better mobile photography lenses — are certainly welcome, would you want to carry a separate lens, especially one as large as that shown in the rumored photo, even to capture higher quality images? With the Honami release now rumored for September, we'll have to wait a little while to see if these interchangeable lens reports pan out.