Agfa-Gevaert used to be an important player in the consumer camera space, but the company failed to keep up with digital developments and in 2004 the consumer imaging division was bought out by management and transferred into the Germany-based AgfaPhoto GmbH.

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The new company filed for bankruptcy just one year later, however, and these days the Agfa brand is licensed by holding-firm AgfaPhoto Holding GmbH. Agfa-Gevaert's has completely exited from consumer business and is focusing on industrial printing, health care and information systems.

Now we're seeing a comeback of the AgfaPhoto brand on cameras, however. The brand has been licensed to French electronics sellers GT Company which has launched three new products for the comeback:

  • 21MP digital compact camera DC5200 with lithium battery for approximately $45 (39 Euros)
  • Digital Instant Camera Insta Shot IS210 that captures and prints 2.1’’ x 3.4’’ images for $113 (99 Euros)
  • A range of digital photo and video albums that range from 2,4'' to 10'' in display size and can store up to 4000 photos and 90 minutes of HD video. Prices range from $45 to $113 (39 to 99 Euros).

If these new rather simple models don't quite tickle your fancy, have a trip down memory lane and take look at the Agfa digital cameras from times gone past on our camera hub.