500px has launched a redesigned Home Feed that was inspired by photobooks, according to the company. The new 500px Home Feed is designed to increase photographers' exposure and enable them to browse more images without navigating away from the feed. 500px says machine learning powers a new recommendation system to help surface content.

500px explained in a blog post that its new recommendation system will help increase photographers' visibility on the platform by more evenly distributing exposure. Users will see a greater variety of content on the new Home Feed, as well.

Photo pages have been redesigned to make details, Pulse, views and other info readily accessible without being distracting. Photos are prominently displayed at the top of the page on a dark background for minimized distractions.

The changes apply to both desktop and mobile, the latter of which now supports the ability to view and publish Galleries. The redesign also enables users to add images to existing Galleries and then share them with followers.

Other changes revolve around the recommendation system and include suggested images in a grid format for desktop and carousel for mobile, as well as recommendations based on user activity. Recommendations will also draw from recently uploaded images to improve the discovery of new content.

According to 500px, it will not provide NSFW content on its new mobile Home Feed in order to comply with Google's and Apple's respective app store restrictions. The NSFW images will still be accessible on desktop, however, assuming the user opts-in to the content in their account settings. The changes are rolling out now.