Photos via DC Watch

Sometimes an idea is so crazy, it might just be brilliant—what might be described as "wonderfully weird." The upcoming Chairpod by Japanese tripod manufacturer Velbon might be one of those inventions... or it might just be weird. We haven't decided yet, so we'll leave that judgement up to you.

Originally reported on by Japanese site DC Watch (translated version here), the Chairpod HY 127 is a hybrid between a tripod and a three-legged folding chair that was originally exhibited at CP+ 2017 (how did we miss that!?). One of the legs, in this case, has a standard tripod camera mount on the top that can be extended out to bring the camera level with your face. At max length, it's reportedly 117 centimeters tall, or about 3.8 feet, without the optional extension rod. And if you won't want to use it sitting down, it turns into an odd sort of monopod.

According to DC Watch, the Chairpod will be released through major retail chains in Japan "in late January", and the publication expects it to cost about 19,850 Yen (~$179 USD). No word yet on whether or not this quirky masterpiece will make it to the US or European markets.