Photographer Shunpei Osugi holding a Leica inside Leica Store Kyoto, where his exhibition for 'I see this world with Leica' is currently being held.

If you thought Leica were expensive already, you might want to pad your camera savings account a little more if you live in Japan. Leica Japan has announced (translated) it will raise the prices of select Leica products starting May 10th.

Leica Japan has provided a very comprehensive list of the price increases, embedded below, but the general increase is between 3% and 15% depending on the product. Unlike recent price increase announcements from other camera manufacturers, Leica doesn’t provide any particular reasons for upping the price. But it’s probably safe to assume increased transportation and raw material prices have had an affect on the company’s bottom line.

Below is the full (untranslated) document showing the price increase for each product:

We have contacted Leica to see if this price increase will extend to other regions and will update the article accordingly when we receive a response.

Leica's statement:

Leica Product Price Revision Information

Leica Camera Japan Co., Ltd. will revise the product price from May 10, 2022 (Tuesday).

* Some products are not subject to revision.

Products ordered from the Leica Online Store after May 10th (Tuesday) will be delivered at a new price.

We look forward to your continued patronage of Leica products.

Click here for a list of price-revised products