A casual photo session in Iceland resulted in a grandmother being swept out to sea while on her 'Ice Throne,' according to a recent news report. The incident, which resulted in a safe rescue and amusing image, involved Judith Streng, who was on Iceland's Diamond Beach with her son when they spotted a throne-shaped piece of ice.

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Streng was interviewed by ABC News after the images of her unexpected sea voyage went viral. During the interview, Streng explained that she spied the piece of ice, which was 'shaped like an easy place to sit.' Her son managed to take one image of Streng on her throne before the small iceberg began to 'totter.' Moments later, a wave dislodged the ice and pulled it — with Streng still seated atop — out to sea.

Fortunately, Randy Lacount, a boat captain with water rescue training from Florida, was nearby when the incident happened and was able to rescue Streng without trouble. Per her interview, Streng was able to joke about the moment, saying, 'I'm always going to be queen. Come on, that was my chance.'