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Photographer Joshua Cripps was lucky enough to get hold of one of the company's new lenses recently, for a shoot in Patagonia. Joshua took the new AF-S Fisheye NIKKOR 8-15mm F3.5-4.5E ED, along with his D810, to the southern area of the country. There, he shot the mountains, lakes and glaciers that make Patagonia such a popular location with photographers.

The sun setting over as mountain in southern Patagonia. Photo by Joshua Cripps, used with permission.

While many people avoid fisheye lenses on the (mistaken) assumption that they will always create unnaturally distorted images, Joshua found that with practice, the 8-15mm can be used to create very naturalistic compositions, with the benefit of a much wider field of view than would be possible with a conventional wide-angle lens.

As well as stills, he also used the new 8-15mm to create some time-lapse video.

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