Nikon has announced a $7.5 million investment in Canadian computer vision and deep learning startup wrnch, Inc. Wrnch was founded in 2014 and ‘uses deep learning to develop and provide tools and software development kits (SDKs) that enable computers to see and understand human movement and activity.’

On its website the company says about itself it is ‘Teaching Cameras To Read Human Body Language.’

Nikon says the move is in line with its medium-term management plan which is designed to expand not only its business-to-consumer but also business-to-business imaging activities. The company is hoping to create synergies by combining resources with wrench and ultimately expand the range of its imaging business.

Nikon is aiming to enhance its automatic shooting solutions for the sports market by fusing its optical technologies, automatic tracking shooting technologies from its subsidiary Mark Roberts Motion Control Limited and wrnch's pose estimation technologies.

In addition the company is looking into providing ‘new imaging experiences' with technologies such as artificial intelligence. In the statement Nikon also says it is open to 'making' further use of its optical technologies and collaborating with companies that offer their own innovative solutions and technologies.’