Adobe has today launched version 2.1 of Lightroom for mobile for Apple iOS devices. The update comes with a number of new features, some of which take advantage of new hardware in the Apple iPad Pro and the new iPhone models 6s and 6s Plus.

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The app has been optimized for the iPad Pro's desktop-level processing power and supports iOS 9's multitasking capability. In split screen mode you can edit an image while using another app at the same time. The Slide Over function allows for quick interaction between apps.

On the latest iPhone generation Lightroom now supports the 3D touch feature. It lets you open the camera directly from the home screen via a hard tap and preview images while viewing a collection. Additionally, the Tone Curve tool now comes with a Point Curve mode that gives you full control over your curve and lets you edit color channels separately. Previously this has only been possible in the Lightroom desktop application. 

A new Split Toning tool allows you to to add a different tint or tone to both the highlights and shadows of your images and another new feature lets you preview and capture photos through your device camera with a preset applied. When you capture the shot the original unedited image is saved alongside the version that has the preset applied. In addition, there are also the usual performance improvements and bug fixes. You can download the new version of Lightroom for mobile for iPad or iPhone from the Apple App Store now. 

Source: Adobe