When looking at a landmark in Picfari, you can view photos taken from various angles and at different times of the day.
If you want to duplicate a shot, you can follow the data in the Photo Detail menu.

If you strive for postcard-perfect images to document your travels, Picfari may pique your interest.

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Free in the iOS App Store and also available for your desktop, Picfari offers photo maps of various landmarks around the world, called "Picfaris." You can pick from a currated Picfari photo tour featuring primarily Flickr-gleaned images seleted by Picfari staff, or create your own Picfari using all the images available through the app -- including featured Flickr photos, your own uploaded shots or those others have added to Picfari. The desktop application and Flickr sourcing means the majority of available images are, at this point, DSLR quality. 

Photos of major landmarks shot in numerous angles and lighting conditions could be helpful in planning an ideal shot of a well-known tourist attraction, though Picfari's nascent status means many major destinations currently lack photographic data. Crowd sourcing is bound to vastly improve Picfari. 

Each photo offers EXIF information that would make replicating the image easy: exact geographic location, shutter speed, aperture, ISO and the time of day and year it was taken.

The mining of Flickr photos to build Picfari caught our attention -- for photography enthusiasts, there's another layer of interest here in the possible discovery of Flickr feeds by photographers shooting subjects and locations you enjoy.

Picfari confirmed that these images have been made available by their owners under the Creative Commons license. We were disappointed, however, that it seemed difficult to discover who actually shot the photo and only by contacting Picfari did we learn that if you click on the "Admin scouted from Flickr.com" not-so-obvious link you'll be led to the photographer's Flickr site. It seems this connection back to the photographer's Flickr account is not yet available for the app but will be shortly with an update due this week.

The mapping feature reminds us a lot of Flickr's photo map, though Picfari's app makes viewing the EXIF data much quicker and was clearly made with the traveler in mind. Extras include extensive data about tourist hot spots and weather data fed from Wunderground.com.

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