Pixel Peeper is an EXIF viewer that will show how a JPEG was edited in Lightroom – provided it was, you know, edited in Lightroom. This photo wasn't.

Freelance web developer Piotr Chmolowski is the creator of Pixel Peeper, a simple web application that displays EXIF information and any Lightroom edits made to an image. By uploading any JPEG image (the site's fine print states that photos are not saved to a server) you'll see the camera and lens used to make the image, exposure settings, and the positions of each Lightroom adjustment slider – provided the owner of the image hasn't chosen to hide that data.

The site is quick and certainly easy to use. Chmolowski mentions that he's looking to add an option that would use an image's URL rather than requiring the user to download an image they're curious about. If you've often wondered how a particular image was edited, it might be worth bookmarking Pixel Peeper for future reference.