The Kickstarter funding campaign for the LIT wireless xenon flash has been canceled. The team behind the device detailed their decision to end the funding in a post published on the Kickstarter update page, where they state, 'After doing some additional calculations during the campaign, we realized we won’t be able to make it a reality with just our initially set funding goal and newly uncovered product ambitions.'

As DPReview reported last month, the LIT wireless xenon 40W flash was intended for use with a smartphone, and would have—if everything had gone according to plan—included a built-in rechargeable battery capable of powering 200 full-power flashes. The device was also expected to feature HSS and support for smartphone shutter speeds as fast as 1/10,000s.

Though the Kickstarter campaign exceeded the $40,000 funding goal, the LIT team explains in the update post, 'Based on the current funding rate, we might be able to push the product development and production through, but it would take considerably more funds to make it in a way that would meet our high standards.'

The LIT xenon flash Kickstarter project was canceled at just over $65,000 in pledged funding from 367 backers. The LIT team said in its post:

We don’t compromise and that’s why we’ve decided to cancel our campaign and maybe revisit Kickstarter at some later time with a new campaign. It feels so wrong doing the right thing.

Saying goodbye is the hardest solution to any problem. But sometimes it’s the only choice we have. It’s not forever, is not the end. It simply means we'll miss you until we meet again.

We still believe that the future of image making is in your pocket. It is in our nature to work hard. To listen. To think. To question everything. To fail, stand up and change.

LIT will not collect the Kickstarter funds.