When I initially reviewed DJI's Mavic Mini drone, a week before it was released to the public, one of my first impressions was that there wasn't any clear way to attach a neutral-density (ND) filter onto the lens of its camera. DJI has always offered up its own branded set of ND filters for every drone or action camera they've released. Therefore, it was surprising when they were absent from the accessories section for the Mini.

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The Tiffen Company, which has been making photographic filters and accessories for the past 80 years, has announced its new line of ND filter kits that are compatible with the compact, consumer-grade drone. ‘The Tiffen Company is very excited to expand our line of filters to support the DJI Mavic Mini,’ says Tiffen Filter Product Manager, Niki Mustain. ‘Both novice and experienced drone pilots will benefit from the combination of the Tiffen ND and ND/Polar filters and the Mavic Mini, allowing you to create powerful and impactful imagery.’

The kits come in sets of 3 and 6 ND plus ND polarizing filters. Each filter features multilayer and hydrophobic coating. Surfaces are waterproof and boast scratch prevention technology, according to Tiffen. 4K, high-definition optical glass comes with a ten-year warranty. Each Mavic Mini Kit includes a compact metal carrying case and consists of the following:

3 Filter Kit - $59.99

• ND4 / PL, ND8 / PL, ND16 / PL

6 Filter Kit - $89.99

• ND4, ND8, ND16, ND4 / PL, ND8 / PL, ND16 / PL

The Mavic Mini ND Filter kits are available for pre-order on Tiffen's site and through their network of authorized dealers. They will start shipping to customers in January 2020.