Chinese company YI Technology, maker of the Yi Action Camera, and the YI M1, which we reviewed earlier this year, has announced the YI 4K+, an update to the company's previous YI 4K model. This is the third action camera in YI Technology's lineup, and it improves upon the previous model with 4K recording at 60fps rather than 30fps. Yi plans to unveil the camera at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 next month.

In addition to the YI 4K+ unveiling, YI Technology also plans to demonstrate its YI Erida smart drone at CES, marking the model's first demonstration in the U.S.

The YI Erida is described as a full-carbon ‘smart drone’ with a three-rotor design and support for the Yi 4K action camera. This drone has a top speed up to 75MPH and flight time rated up to 40 minutes per charge.

Via: BusinessWire