The Game Boy Camera was never meant to be a serious piece of photographic equipment, so what happens when you pair the Nintendo Game Boy peripheral with a serious piece of glass to take some portraits? Just ask Sam McKenzie, of YouTube channel 3D Printor, who took it upon himself to adapt a Tamron 70–200mm zoom lens to the 0.1MP Game Boy Camera.

Detailed in the above video, McKenzie 3D-printed an adapter he came across on Thingiverse and attached it to the front of the Game Boy Camera. With the adapter and lens in place, he went out for an ultra-low-resolution portrait shoot to see what the Frankenstein’d camera was capable of.

The modded Game Boy Camera mounted to a Manfrotto Pixi tripod next to a print of the 0.1MP portrait.

While capturing the image was simple enough, getting it off the Game Boy and turned into a canvas print was less intuitive. This process wasn’t featured in a video, but in an email sent to DPReview, McKenzie said:

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‘The Super Game Boy for SNES allows you to play Game Boy games on your TV […] so I used an old VHS to DVD making software and USB capture card I had from the early days of DVD and thankfully it worked with the SNES.’

Once he had the image, he ordered a small canvas print and within the week it was at his front door.

The canvas print, in all its pixellated glory.

You can find more of McKenzie’s 3D printing projects on his YouTube channel.

Image credits: Photos by Sam McKenzie, used with permission.