Smartphone stabilizers are a great tool for capturing professional-looking video footage on your mobile device and are getting more powerful with every new generation. However, most current models have one thing in common: they are not really pocketable, making them more of a dedicated tool for serious video shooters rather than an everyday item for the average consumer. 

The Fancy Stabilizer is now out to change this. It is an electronic smartphone gimbal that takes up less space than the smartphone it is attached to. The makers of the Fancy, Chinese company Wewow, is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to fund the production of the device and claims it is the currently smallest and lightest smartphone gimbal on the market.

With just 43.5mm (1.7 in) wide, about 118mm (4.4 in) tall and 23mm (0.9 in) thick in its folded state, the Fancy Stabilizer easily fits in any small bag or even jacket pocket when not in use. It weighs just 180 grams. The phone is attached via an adjustable clip and an electronic stabilization system keeps your smartphone steady while walking or otherwise moving. Thanks to a standard tripod mount the device can also be attached to selfie sticks or most other types of camera support. 

In addition, Fancy comes with a LED light for added illumination and a small selfie mirror on the back. The built-in battery provides energy for eight hours of stabilization or alternatively can charge your smartphone. If this all sounds interesting to you, you can now reserve a Fancy Stabilizer for $89 on Indiegogo. The retail price is expected to be $128.