Phase One has announced its XT medium format system, which the company is marketing as a 'travel-friendly' solution for landscape photographers. The system is made up of three parts:

  • The IQ4 digital back (150MP or 100MP versions); we assume that future IQ-series backs will also work.
  • The lightweight body that has a shutter release and Cambo WDS-compatible mount
  • Three lenses made by Rodenstock

The XT body is essentially the 'bridge' between the lens and digital back. It's a lightweight body with a dual-action shutter release and removable Arca Swiss type tripod foot. It has two dials, which are used to shift the lens by 12mm in any direction. This allows for the correction of perspective distortion and can aid in the creation of super-high-res panoramic images.

Landscape photographer Reuben Wu with the XT

The available Rodenstock lenses are a HR Digaron-S 23mm F5.6, HR Digaron-W 32mm F4 and HR Digiron-W 70mm F5.6. All three lenses use an electromagnetic 'X-Shutter', which offers shutter speed ranging from 60 to 1/1000 sec and carbon fiber shutter blades. The shutter is capable of 500,000 actuations, according to Phase One.

If the XT system sounds like something you're interested in, you can pick one up for $56,990, which includes the IQ4 150MP back and the lens of your choice.

Press Release

Phase One Announces A New Camera System: The ‘XT’ -- The First Of Its Kind

A travel-ready, digitally integrated field camera that brings landscape photography to a whole new level

COPENHAGEN, Sept. 10, 2019 – Phase One has announced the XT Camera System, opening new frontiers of quality for landscape photography. Designed for convenience and engineered for precision, the XT packs a full-frame medium format camera of the highest quality into a travel-friendly design. By pairing the power and performance of Phase One’s IQ4 Infinity Platform with Rodenstock’s renowned optics, the XT is the most compact digitally integrated field camera to date.

The XT Camera System perfectly marries extraordinary image quality and extraordinary photographic technology. It’s versatile, flexible, and remarkably intuitive to use. With components that communicate digitally with each other and the system’s compact size, the XT is crafted for effortless capture, so the photographer can focus on capturing the moment, not on camera settings.

“The XT Camera System is designed to elevate both your creativity and image quality by providing the best possible components, in the smallest possible package with intuitive controls, all of which allows you to focus on the moment.”
- Drew Altdoerffer, Product Manager at Phase One

“I love the XT. The combination of the Phase One IQ4, a compact camera body, and an incredible lens is just what I need. I can easily fit the camera with two lenses in my small shoulder bag, and still barely feel like I am carrying anything.”
- Reuben Wu, fine art landscape photographer

Phase One’s ability to embrace heritage while not weighed down by it makes the blend of sensible Danish design, advanced technology integration, and precision mechanics the natural foundation for this next step in landscape photography. The system will evolve over time with the release of additional lenses, expanding Infinity Platform features, dedicated accessories, and discipline-focused workflows.

Components - Technology in a class of its own

The XT Camera System integrates components of the highest quality:

  • The Phase One IQ4 150MP, IQ4 150MP Achromatic, or IQ4 100MP Trichromatic, built on the Infinity Platform -- designed to innovate and support evolving technology.
  • The XT Camera Body built exclusively for the Phase One IQ4. It features intuitive ergonomics and straightforward controls, including the dual action shutter button, which is designed to support future expansion and customization.
  • Three lenses manufactured by Phase One’s strategic partner Rodenstock. All lenses are fitted with Phase One’s new, digitally integrated, X-Shutter --an intelligently controlled electromagnetic shutter -- born from Phase One’s industrial applications experience:
    • The XT – Rodenstock HR Digaron-S 23mm f/5.6 is the highest quality super wide lens available.
    • The XT – Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 32mm f/4 is an exceptional quality wide-angle lens with a large image circle and almost no distortion.
    • The XT – Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 70mm f/5.6 is a normal focal length lens with impeccable image quality and a large image circle.
  • The XT Camera System takes full advantage of Rodenstock lenses with 24mm of shift on both the X and Y axis. The shift movement allows the photographer to correct perspective distortion. It can also be used to create panoramic/stitched images at tremendous scale/resolution. The XT Camera Body intelligently integrates the shift position in the image file for later refer

Availability and Pricing

The XT Camera System is available now through Phase One Partners worldwide:

The Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price for the XT IQ4 150MP Camera System, including a lens of your choice, is $56,990

All camera systems are sold with a 5-year limited warranty, including unlimited lens actuations for the warranty period.

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