As winter draws nearer in the northern hemisphere, it’s only a matter of time before you pick up your camera, head outside to shoot and eventually realize your lens is fogging up as the temperatures shift. Usually, you’d be out of luck, but a clever product from Hakuba Photo hopes to make foggy lens elements a thing of the past. It’s called the Haida anti-fog belt and, in essence, it’s a small USB-powered heater that you can wrap around your lens to keep the optics nice and toasty.

The heating belt uses a hook-and-loop system to wrap around lenses with a maximum diameter of 11cm (4.3”). The belt is 5cm (2”) wide, so it might be challenging to use with smaller lenses if you plan to manually adjust focus, but when using with longer lenses it should b simple enough to slide back and forth along the barrel to get it in just the right spot to control what you need to on the lens.

Powering the heating belt is as simple as plugging in its attached USB-A cable into the battery pack of your choosing (a battery pack isn’t included). Once plugged in, you can choose between High (55–65°C), Medium (45–55°C) and Low (35–45°C) settings depending on how cold it is outside (and presumably the size of your lens). Hakuba doesn’t specify how long the heating belt will stay warm with, say, a 10,000mAh battery pack, nor does it state what the power draw is at the three settings is, so until the first units start shipping out, it’s a guessing game as to what you can expect in terms of performance.

The Haida anti-fog belt is available to purchase on Amazon and through Haida’s online shop for $20.