The relevant section (the teal section, middle-right) of the above graphic has been altered to include the translated text.

Buried within Tamron’s full-year financial report was a little detail that hints at Tamron revealing three new, unannounced lenses for mirrorless cameras in 2020.

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The new information can be seen in the above graphic within the presentation that shows Tamron has five models planned for 2020, two of which have already been announced: the 20mm F2.8 lens for Sony E-mount cameras (Adorama, B&H) and a compact 70–180mm F2.8 lens for Sony E-mount cameras that’s currently in development.

It’s unknown what the three new lenses will be, but Sony Alpha Rumors is reporting all three will be E-mount lenses.

Other details in the report include a statement claiming Tamron expects ‘the sales of own-brand [mirrorless lens] models is expected to increase the sales compare to the previous year’ and confirmation its 17–28mm F2.8 lens should no longer be backordered by the end of February.