Despite the popularity of both the social media platform and the gadget, Instagram still lacks an iPad app. This omission remains frustrating, particularly in light of the iPad Pro and its suitability as a laptop replacement for some photographers. In a recent Instagram story, the company's CEO Adam Mosseri briefly discussed the topic, stating that Instagram wants to launch an iPad app.

The information surfaced in one of Mosseri's Instagram stories; it was spied by The Verge editor Chris Welch who tweeted the details to his followers.

In addition to revealing that some Instagram users don't see advertisements, Mosseri reportedly also said in the story that Instagram 'would like to build an iPad app,' but that 'we only have so many people, and lots to do, and it hasn't bubbled up as the next best thing to do yet.'

This, of course, has raised questions over whether an iPad app will ever be 'the next best thing' on Instagram's list of priorities. The iPad's 10th anniversary is in less than two months and device owners have been requesting a proper iPad app for years.