Alpine Labs, the company behind the Pulse camera remote, is back on Kickstarter with a more powerful and versatile triggering device. The Spark camera remote allows for triggering your camera in three ways: you can either use it as an infrared wireless remote, control, plug it into your camera with a cable and use it as a wired remote, or connect it to your smartphone and a dedicated app via Bluetooth to unlock a variety of creative trigger options. 

The app offers customizable settings and lets you shoot timelapses, HDR brackets and long exposures and can trigger up to three cameras at once. Using the infrared connection you can trigger single shots or capture time lapses at one-second intervals by holding-down the shutter button.

The cable connection offers more reliability and doesn't require line of sight to your camera's infrared sensor. According to Alpine Labs the button battery will work for over 2,000 hours of use. In addition the device works with a large number of cameras. The Spark Kickstarter campaign will be running until May 20. Until then you can reserve a Spark device for $44 which is 25 percent off the envisaged future retail price.