Winners of the 2022 Siena Drone Photo Awards
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Winners of the 2022 Siena Drone Photo Awards

Winners and finalists for the Drone portion of the Siena Awards were recently announced. 'Big Bang,' created by French photographer Armand Sarlangue, which depicts a secondary fissure erupting near the Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland, was declared the Overall Winner.

The side attraction of a major volcanic eruption was declared the overall winning image.

Thousands of images were submitted by 2,624 participants from 116 countries across nine categories. Winning and finalist images will be displayed at the 'Above Us Only Sky' exhibition during the Awards events taking place from October 1st through November 20th at the Museum of Natural History 'Accademia dei Fisiocritici' in Siena, Italy.

'The Arctic is more than a passion in my heart. It's a commitment in its own right, a lifestyle choice that has become a polar obsession. The sea without ice sounds to my ears like music devoided of melody. This is how deep is my obsession,' photographer Florian Ledoux tells DPReview of his winning image in the Wildlife category.

There is also a separate exhibition dedicated to the work of Danish Siddiqui, a reporter killed in the line of duty last year in Afghanistan. All winning images and videos can be viewed in the Drone Photo Awards Gallery. Entries for the 2023 competition will start being accepted on January 5th.