EyeEm added three new filters in its newest update: Dani, Gee09 and FoodP.

As Severin Matusek, Head of Content of Community for the social photo-sharing app EyeEm, alluded to when with spoke with him recently about the app, EyeEm has today released a new update that dramatically overhauls its camera and filter capabilities.

EyeEm says it revamped all its photo filters and added three new ones:  Dani, Gee09 and FoodP. Even more fun, you can try all 12 out, along with 12 frame options, in the EyeEm camera's live preview mode that lets you see what your filter/frame combination will look like before you shoot.

EyeEm's new filters in practice: Dani, Gee09 and FoodP. The latter is, as the name indicates, intended as a filter for those food photos we love to take. We'll have to try that one out at dinner tonight.

The update adds auto focus to aid in your capture process, and a new cropping tool will help you achieve that square format look after you shoot (though one of the features we love most about EyeEm is that you can post photos through the app in any ratio). iOS users will also see a contrast boost button.

Futher options include a gallery of all images you've "liked," accessible through the sidebar navigation menu, and the ability to share your EyeEm images through Facebook.  

The update is free for iPhone and Android devices; an update has not yet been released for Windows users