Alongside its other announcements, Sigma said it will introduce 'Classic' versions of its Cine prime lenses.

The 'Classic Art Prime' series aims to re-create the look and atmosphere seen in classic films of the 1950s and 70s. To achieve this, the lenses will be made with fewer lens coatings and with simpler, single-layer coatings where they are applied.

Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki says this 'enables warm color tone reproduction, which is one of the characteristics of vintage lenses.'

The range will extend to the 10 full-frame cine Art primes, which extend from 14mm up to 135mm. The word 'Classic' will be engraved on the side of each lens, to differentiate it from the conventional version.

Interestingly, as a result of the reduction in optical coatings, you get to see how much the optical transmission of the lenses drop, compared with the standard versions. The existing T1.5 lenses will have a transmission of T2.5 in 'Classic' form, while the T2 lenses fall to around T3.2. The F-numbers remain unchanged at F1.4 and F1.8, respectively, so the depth-of-field and bokeh characteristics remain unchanged.

Classic cine Art prime series:
14mm T3.2 40mm T2.5
20mm T2.5 50mm T2.5
24mm T2.5 85mm T2.5
28mm T2.5 105mm T2.5
35mm T2.5 135mm T3.2

The 'Classic Art' prime lenses will be officially announced at the IBC trade show in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, September 2019.